Unit testing in Node.js

This week I was introduced to unit testing on Node.js using the Mocha test framework.

To install Mocha, simply do:

$ npm install -g mocha

In this blog for simplicity’s sake I am using just one assertion library – Node.js’s regular assert.js module – but there are many others, like

For more details look here: https://github.com/visionmedia/mocha

My examples (simpler to more complex).

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Git commands

As I am learning git in my 5th week here at CDOT, all the different pieces of knowledge are coming together and get organized in order, namely in the alphabetical order.

This is the list of git commands in the alphabetical order. I am going to make it complete which will take me more than one weak, so this version is still unfinished.

I hope this will be helpful for those who are new to git.

git ABC

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Week 22. Week 4 at CDOT.

My fourth week at CDOT has finished. It wasn’t an easy one for me. I have often felt stupid for not knowing what to do, but I remember the warning from the orientation day that open source is about you being lost and going dry 90% of the time, so that was ok.

I have worked on some new things and some familiar things and I have made still more progress toward becoming an expert on localization, as well as on javascript and Node.js and all the useful tools like Git.

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CDOT Week 3 and Mozilla Allhands

This was really an unforgettable week. I was invited to attend Mozilla Allhands 2013 in Toronto.  About 60 people from Canada and the US came to Toronto to work together and plan for the future expansion of Mozilla work.


They were from Canada and the US and among them were the Chairperson of the Mozilla Foundation Mitchell Baker (remotely), Executive Director of Mozilla Foundation Mark Surman, Chief Operating Officer Jay Sullivan, and Executive Director of Aspiration Allen Gunn who also did awesome work  orchestrating the everyday activities!

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CDOT Week 2

From: Igor, pronounced “eager”. 😀

My second week at CDOT was an exciting and challenging time for me, and it made me even more eager to learn and master the new tools and technologies that I am being exposed to as I am working here. At first it seemed that I would never be able to internalize the whole multitude of new things to learn but it is amazing what the human mind is capable of and so I continue to chip off bits of the knowledge and practice them. I can find the answers to most of my questions by simply googling them, however I am also  thankful to my team-members here for the awesome support they provide and for always being ready to answer my any questions no matter how basic they are. And I have not a few of basic knowledge questions. It also feels great to be part of a large team working on a large project, and to be able to be in touch with them through IRC. Sometimes it feels daunting to contact the experts about trifling things, but the essence of open source is that “no one is without value”, as my “big brother” mentioned in his blog.

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